Advocates for EOW/Ponzi/Chitfund in Mumbai, Maharashtra

Advocates for EOW/Ponzi/Chitfund and Economic Offence:

An economic offence is a socially harmful violation of regulations on economic or financial operations which has caused or may have caused graver consequences.

Only those who have lost money in a Ponzi scheme would know how rare it is to recover funding from such companies and then distribute it to investors. Yes, it was only the principle and it took decades. It would be nice if the system worked better, but at least this is rare positive news for lakhs of people who have been taken for a ride by such scamsters.

Not only individuals get victimized with pecuniary loss in Economic Offences but such offences often, damage the national economy also and have security Advocates for EOW/Ponzi/Chitfund in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Advocates for EOW/Ponzi/Chitfund