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Redevelopment, Reconstruction {DCPR - 33(5), 33(7), 33(10}

Advocates For Redevelopment, Reconstruction In Mumbai, Maharashtra, Our services and help make easier for co-operative societies in Redevelopment process of their societies.

Our services are right from the Investigation of title of properties the title search of properties – Publishing Public notices, Accident reconstruction refers to the process of recreating the scene of an accident with the help of an expert witness Not all accident cases merit the expenditure of money necessary to obtain a traffic accident reconstruction expert, These might include crush analysis of the vehicles involved. The accident attorney may make the decision that the case might actually be stronger without a reconstruction. Find the advocate in Maharashtra and Mumbai.

The Government has repeatedly misused the investigative agencies, an accident reconstruction expert will analyze the facts of the collision. So we are here to fight for right Advocates for Redevelopment, Advocates for Reconstruction.

We are senior citizens and have limited capacity to fight, however, this time we have decided to seek legal intervention