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Our Law Firm Specializes in and undertake all the matters relating to the Slum Redevelopment Projects , Redevelopment of Housing Society Eligibility/Non Eligibility , Transfer, litigation.

Eligibility/Non Eligibility (पात्र/ अपात्र)

We work for slum dwellers whose slum tenement is declared ineligible by the SRA and help them by filing appeals before the concerned Authority (ie. Deputy Collector, Additional Collector, GRC, HPC) to provide them Eligibility.

SRA Transfer

We are specialized and experts in Transfer of flats pertaining Slum Rehabilitation Authority. We ensure smooth Transfer of flats with compliance with relevant procedure and abiding by the pertinent legalities. We also deal in litigation arising out of transfer of flat if any and provide justice to our client. We are adept at timely transfer of flat within the ambit of law and we undertake to do all the work relating to it.


We are specialist in handling matters under various sections of the SRA some of which includes the following:

Section 3E- Restrictions on transfer of tenements within 10 years

Section 3Z- Protection, relocation and rehabilitation of protected occupiers

3Z-1. Powers to Competent Authority to demolish unauthorized or illegal dwelling structures

3Z-2. Demolition of unauthorized or illegal dwelling structures and penal liability

 Section 13 – Power of Competent Authority to redevelop clearance area

 Section 33. Power to remove offensive or dangerous trade from slum areas

Section 38. Order of demolition of buildings in certain cases

We are familiar with all the nitty-gritties that are involved in the process of Slum Rehabilitation Litigation and Transfer and we also ensure that there are no obstacles or hindrances of any manner and everything happens in accordance with procedure and law.