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Co-Operative Housing Society Matter

We are expertise in the housing society matters as many residents are not familiar with the workings of their cooperative housing societies (CHS), and are left confused while dealing with a variety of civic and legal compliances.

Sometimes, there are disagreements between housing societies and individual apartment owners, as well as outsiders and managing committee. However, many individual apartment owners are at a loss as far as grievance is concerned and do not know how to proceed with their complaint.

There are several issues in a CHS, like car parking, Non-payment of Maintenance, leakages, fraudulent auditing, rent agreement, unauthorized construction and many other issues. Homeowners need to know as to what is the right recourse to take action and to ensure that their rights are upheld.

Formation of Society

Formation of Society can be defined as a company or association of persons united together by mutual consent to deliberate, determine and act jointly for some common purpose. The Societies Registration Act, 1860 is an act for the registration of literary, scientific and charitable societies. The object of the Act as stated in the preamble is to make provision for improving the legal conditions of Societies established for promotion of literature, science, fine arts, for diffusion of useful knowledge or for charitable purposes.